A range of User Guides are available below for our products. Adobe Reader is available for download here.

SK-408 Installation & Maintenance ManualProvides installation and programming information for the SK-408 hybrid key telephone system.
SK-408 Single Line Telephone Quick Reference GuideDescribes how to use features for a single line telephone on the SK-408 telephone system.
SK-408 Keyset Quick Reference GuideDescribes how to use features from an SK-408 keyset model SK1 Series.
SK-200 Lodging Installation & Programming ManualInstallation and programming instructions for the SK-200 Lodging System
SK-200 Voice Service Unit InstructionsAddendum for programming the voice service unit for the SK-200 system.
SK-824 & 200 Features and Services DescriptionAll features are provided in alphabetical order with a detailed description on how to program and use each feature.
SK-824-200 Key Phone user guideSK-824 and SK-200 Keyphone user guide for the SK-EKT telephone sets.
SK-824-200 Single Line Station User GuideSingle line station user guide for the SK-824 and SK-200 Series telephone system.
SK-824 Installation & programming manualInstallation and programming instructions for the SK-824 analog system.
SK-824-200 & TMS 100 Voice Mail NotesInformation regarding programming the SK Series Telephone systems with the TMS-100 Series Voice Mail Systems.