Hotel Integration with Property Management System

TransTel Communications, Inc announces that Megasys Hospitality Solutions has successfully passed certification testing with the the Transtel TDS Lodging System.

TransTel's newly developed Mitel PMS Protocol was used for the certification.

The interface link is bidirectional and passes valuable information between the telephone system and the Megasys PMS for improving efficiency for Hotel front desk operations as well as maid in room services.

Supported features include;

Check In, Check Out, Guest Name, Call Restriction, Housekeeping Functions / Room Status, Message Waiting, Automatic Wake Up, Call Accounting.

The TransTel TDS system incorporates integrated call costing and passes costed call records to the Megasys property management system for posting to the guest bill upon checkout. No 3rd party call accounting system is required which stream lines efficiency and cost for the Hotel operator.

Megasys is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a 20 plus year old company specializing in hospitality solutions for boutique hotels from as small as 15 rooms to large hotels and convention centers with 3,000 rooms. Contact info; Tel. 800.492.5001 - -

TransTel Communications, Inc. is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida USA. TransTel designs and distributes telecommunications products for the Hotel and Business markets. Is has offices in the USA, Taiwan, China, Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand and sells products in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Contact info; Tel. 561.747.4466 - - -

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