TransTel Nurse Call Solution

TransTel Nurse Call System – Bridging Communications & Care Delivery Services - The World's First Integrated Hybrid IP Communications & Nurse Call System!

TransTel’s Nurse Call System (NCS) is designed to streamline communication between patient and caregiver by getting critical needs information to the right staff at the right time. This results in improved quality of care, patient satisfaction and reduced response times to deliver valuable and needed services to patients in any health care facility.

The TransTel Nurse Call System is an integrated communications platform that participates in “real time” workflow management mode along with your operations to deliver best in class services to your patients. The solution offers an array of patient room devices, master console monitoring head nurse stations, corridor lights for easy identification of patient needs as well as scrolling LED information panels. The Nurse Call System can also get critical information to mobile devices such as smart phones, pagers and cordless telephone sets.

The TransTel Nurse Call System offers:

 A single integrated platform that is scalable and can offer both Nurse Call capabilities as well as a complete communication system. Multiple wings and systems can co-exist in the same platform saving health care providers thousands of dollars. Systems can be configured for small clinics or large scale hospitals over 1,000 beds.

 Private and semi-private patient room configuration options for cost savings and shared services……for example 2 beds sharing the same bathroom.

 Improved staff response times for the delivery of patient care. Patient requests get routed immediately to the places where you need them to go. Multiple master monitoring consoles can be signaled along with specific reason for the call.

 The flexibility to call forward the master monitoring console to other devices for night shift or staff change reasons.

 Simultaneously ring DECT handsets of mobile nurses and doctors.

 Ring and display patient room number on mobile SIP based Wifi phones and smart phones with soft clients enabled.

 Real time digital information can be displayed on scrolling LED panels that can be read and responded to easily by caregivers.

 An “event” monitor that displays and records all activity and provides an overview of response performance.

 Access Control – Health care facilities may deploy TransTel Access Control panels with RFID sensors to protect secure areas such as medications. You may assign security codes or access cards only to authorized personnel for entry into restricted areas.

 Single Button Intercom – You may equip the system to provide a “hotline” in a lobby area and route calls to the appropriate office staff.

 The affordability and efficiency of single pair wiring from the main controller to each patient room.

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