Lynx II - All Digital Hybrid Telephone System
Lynx II Hybrid IP Enabled Telephone System - Complete turnkey "plug and play" system equipped with 3 outside lines with caller id, 8 digital station ports, automated attendant, voice mail, recordable message on hold, RS-232, Battery Backup interface, external music on hold source.

Other notable features include centrex transfer to a cell phone, external notification of voice mail messages, SIP Based VOIP Trunking capability, Operator Overflow to auto attendant and much, much more...........
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Truly "Plug & Play" right out of the box..........Lynx Systems are packaged in a retail box with a handle. Inside is a telephone system and 4 digital telephone sets. Just connect your outside lines to the system and connect your inside wiring and place the phones in service. Turn the system on and your lines and other system telephones will be assigned to buttons on the phone and you can immediately receive and place telephone calls!
Feature Packed!Lynx systems are loaded with no optional features to purchase! Caller ID is standard and so is automated attendant for answering your outside calls with a greeting of your choice. Transfer calls out of the automated attendant to stations and feel comfortable that if there is no answers or the station is busy, calls will go to voice mailboxes for later retrieval. Speed dialing, paging, transfer to outside numbers, call forwarding, centrex transfer and so much more............
VOIP Capable..............Reduce your monthly telephone costs by connecting Lynx to an VOIP carrier that offers reduced rates for your telephone lines. Or you may use Lynx to network multiple systems together in order to bypass toll charges and allow intercommunication between offices through a private network!
Compact & Efficient........The Lynx II system is small and compact. The footprint of the entire system is similar to the size of a single A4 piece of paper! You you will not have to worry about your new system taking precious space in your office or home. Lynx II is solid state in design which means it takes very little power to operate, in fact about the same amount of power as a 60 watt light bulb!
Battery Back Up Capable.........Don't worry about not being able to place calls to your customers if you loose power. Just connect an external battery pack to your Lynx II system and you are all set. The power supply inside Lynx II will keep your batteries fully charged so that are at peak performance when you need them to maintain back up power to your telephone system.
Room for Growth..........Lynx II Systems are expandable! You may expand your outside lines from 3 to 7. You may also add up to 16 Digital Telephone Sets as required. In fact if you ever outgrow the Lynx II telephone system you can keep your phones and use them on TransTel's larger system, the G1E plus!
Experience you can count on..............TransTel Communications, Inc. is a 20 year old company with a proven track record for producing quality systems that are affordable, easy to use and stand the test of time!


Analog CO Lines3 standard - 4 expansion - 7 Total
VOIP Trunk Lines (SIP)0 Standard, 4 Expansion - 4 Total
Digital Key Station8 Standard - 8 Expansion - 16 Total
Analog (Single Line) Extensions0 Standard - 8 Expansion - 8 Total
Automated Attendant & Operator Overflow MessagesStandard - 4 Channels
Voice MailboxesStandard - 2.5 Hours, Programmable message storage time per mailbox
RS-232 PortStandard
Music On HoldInternal Recordable Message - External Source - Standard
KSU Dimension lxwxh (mm)290 x 230 x 76
Weight1.2 KG - 2.5 lbs.
External PagingStandard


Account Code Capability
Attendant Console Assignment
Attendant Overflow
Automatic Line Access
Automatic line Search
Automatic Ringdown
Automatic Wake Up
Advisory Messages
Access to System Programming
Auto Hold
Auto Hold Recall
Auto Callback
Auto Answer
Auto Redial
Battery Back Up
Behind PABX Operation
Brokers Call
Centrex Operation
Class Of Service
CO Line Groups
CO Line Hunting
CO Line Name Programming
CO Line Ring Types- Linear, Common Audible, Circular, Hunt
Console Assignment
Call Duration Timer
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding- All, Busy, No Answer, External
Call Pick Up
Call Split
Call Transfer
Calling Name Display
Calling Number Display
Camp On
Chain Dialing
Day/Night Service - Manual / Automatic
Dial 9 Groups
Direct In Line
Dial By Name
Distinctive Ringing
DTMF Signaling
Direct Station Selection
Door Phone Access
Do Not Disturb
Dual Color LED
Executive Overide (Barge In)
External Call Forwarding
Easy Installation and Operation
Faxibility Compatible (All Lines)
Flash Memory Back Up
Flexible Expansion
Flexible Ringing Assignment
Flexible Key Group Assignment
Flexible Numbering Plan
Flexible Time Format (12 / 24 Hour)
Forced Account Code Assignment
Handsfree Answerback
Hearing Aid Compatability
Hold (Exclusive / System)
Intercom Single Digit
Intercom Ring / Voice Select
Intercom Dialing Restriction
Intercom Voice Announce
Last Number Redial
Message Waiting
Multi-Language Display
On Hook Dialing
Voice Mail
SIP Based Trunking (VOIP)
Much more..........