TDS 600 Automatic Call Distribution
Software that enables call routing on a distributed basis to a group of sales or customer service representatives. Calls are distributed equitably amoung the members of the groups. There multi level messages available that are user recorded and played at various time intervals. Agents can "log in" and "log out" of their group, can be a member of more than 1 group. Supervisors can be assigned to groups as required and can monitor various agents. Reports and statistics are also available.
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Up to 20 ACD Groups
16 members per group / up to 61 members per group by chaining groups together
Day / Night ACD Groups
Multi Level ACD Messages (3 per group)
Supervisor / Agent designations
Flexible ACD Timers for queuing to group
Agent Log In / Out
ACD Wrap Up Timer
ACD Supervisor Help
Agent Monitor
Supervisor Log In / Out
ACD Statistics and Real Time Reporting