TMS Pro is a robust voice processing system that
seamlessly integrates with the TDS Platform to provide
your company with efficient call handling and message

Automated Attendant is thoughtfully designed to
answer calls with different greetings at various times
of the day and week. Multi company greetings are also
supported as well as up to 3 different languages.

Voice Mail and Unified Messaging assures customers
leave a message directly in a mailbox and delivery
takes places with a variety of notification options. TMS
PRO can deliver a message in the form of an e-mail
and is compatible with Microsoft Outlook.

Personal Mailbox Management means you can control
aspects of voice messages directly from your PC client
operating on your local area network.
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Stand Alone or Rack Mount19" rack mount kit included
Number of ports4 expandable to 8
Message Storage Capacity72 hours expandable to 144
Number of mailboxes500
Remote maintenance & programmingModem and ethernet port built in
Simultanous Lnaguages3
Station Digit Length2 to 6
Number of scripts and duration per script98 scripts / 9 minutes
Fax Detection & Routing1 to 4 Faxes
Number of operators1 to 8
Storage MediumFlash Based Memory
Programming MethodsGUI or DTMF
Messages per mailbox92
Number of greetings and languages per mailbox3
Call Recording duration per call20 minutes


Voice Mail Highlights
Up to 144 hours message storage
Up to 500 mailboxes
4 to 8 port configurations
Personal Mailbox Management Utility
Live Call Recording
Answer Machine Emulation
Message Delivery (Office Phone, Mobile, Home, E-Mail)
Message Notification (Message Waiting Light, Pager, Interupted Dial Tone, SMS, E-Mail)
Cascading Notification
Customized Greeting & Language per mailbox
Message Retrieve, Save, Copy, Delete and Forward
Time & Date Stamp
Password Protection
Do Not Disturb Mode
Personal Fax Mailbox - TMS Elite
Divert Messages
Unified Messaging
Personal Password Protection
Auto Attendant Highlights
Flexible Greeting Options (Day, Night, Lunch)
Auto Mode Switching & System Schedules
Flexible Digit Length (2 to 6 )
Auto Mode Switching & System Schedules
Call Transfer Options (Supervised, Non Supervised, Semi Supervised)
Multi Level Menu Options
Default Transfer to Operator
Directory Listing (Dial by name)
Fax Detection & Routing
Multi Company & Multi Tenant Support
Speech Recognition - TMS Elite
Fast Forward & Rewind - TMS Elite
Unified Messaging Highlights
E-Mail Client Integration
Retrieve Voice Messages
E-Mail Notification with or without Message Attachment
Complete Mailbox Management from PC
LAN Compatible