Access Control Phone - Building Entrance Housing
We call it the ACP - short for Access Control Phone - it is a doorphone like device with many more functions than your average doorphone.

A digital system device fed by single pair from any TDS series system, the exterior version is a special made to order metal housing suitable for building entrance applications.

The functionality of the ACP includes the following :
Displays system time when in the idle state; key/operation status during use.
Call button rings programmed extensions with programmable tone and "Door" display.
Call to any extension by number, or even external lines.
RFID detector for proximity card or fob, dry contact relay to drive electric door lock.
Door entry by RFID card swipe, or numeric code entry, or both if required.
Another relay and sensor to detect alarm status and/or activate alarm or siren.
Behaves like other extension phones - handsfree intercom/answer etc.
The ACP has many different uses: as a door phone at front or back door; normal wall mount phone with handsfree answer back; two-way speaker; security control panel and access control device.
Card access by doorphone, time of day, day of week, is programmable within the Hybrex system.

The ACP provides an elegant solution to security, for your business or home.

The ACP as shown in weather resistant form : Full metal case, or flush mount panel. (Std ACP shown for comparison)
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