Access Control Phone DK-ACP
The Access Control Phone (ACP) is a uniquely flexible device that connects to the TDS Series telephone system just like a regular telephone set. It has a speaker and microphone for handsfree communications, a call button and a dial pad as well as internal relays and sensors for access control. The ACP (Access Control Phone) is a doorphone like device with many more functions than an average door phone. Designed for use in sheltered or indoor situations the ACP is a digital system device fed by single pair wiring from any TransTel TDS series telephone system.

The functionality of the ACP is many fold: it provides an audio path to extensions or external lines, RFID detector for proximity card, relay to open the door or activate a siren and a sensor to detect alarm status. The ACP has many different combinations: such as a door phone at front or back door, normal wall mount phone with handsfree answer back, two-way speaker, security control panel and access control device. Using a 4 character x 7 segment large format display the ACP shows key/operation status during use, otherwise displaying the current time.

The ACP is also equipped standard with RFID and access control capability. RFID cards are available that may be used for employee access purposes. Or you may assign specific passwords for access to entrances to doors or building entrances, or a combination of passwords and access cards.
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CALL Button: Function as a door bell button
PRG Button: To activate special features or enter a door via nemeric password
Dial Keypad (1 to 0, *, #): Will work as a normal phone keypad for dialing stations
Sensor: Feedback the Door open status to the system
Prox Sensor for reading of Proximity cards
Microphone: Used for Handsfree answer back
Four 7-segment blue LED: Show the Clock, dialing digits, system status, etc
Two wire cabling to the system
Connects to digital station port - Large quantity of ACP's can be deployed in a single system