IP Station Unit - G2-ISU 4/8/16
The G2-ISU (IP Station Unit) is an in skin interface card that installs inside the TDS Series cabinet and provides connectivity for up to 4, 8 and 16 SIP based IP devices.

The IP devices can be installed on site or remotely. There are 3 variants of the ISU card respectively depending on the number of IP channels desired.

The IP Station Unit provides as a source interface to the TransTel IP38-61 VoIP Telephone Set. These two devices combined together allow for seamless and unified communications between remote teleworkers and the home office communications system.

The IP-38-61 remote telephone set, when connected via internet finds it's identity back to the IP Station Unit of the home office system and allows remote workers the ability to operate just as if they were on premise.
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IP enable existing TDS Systems
4 /8 /16 Concurrent Calls
Call Protocol: SIP
Connect Ports: Two Ethernet, One RS-232
Caller ID Information Available
Remote Configuration Through Web browser