*****NEWS!*****TransTel Announces Major Development In Health Care Communications Market

The TransTel TDS series latest advance in Nurse Call and Health Care Communication Systems is developed to empower nurses, doctors and other medical staff with the technology and information to allow real time communication between themselves and their patients. This enhances the care delivery process giving measurable improvements to the patients' quality and experience of care.

TransTel offers the world's first fully integrated Communications / Nurse Call Solution by providing a “complete voice” platform for your organization’s Communications needs including Management, Operations, Support and Medical staff being able to use a combination of Telco Lines, VoIP Trunking, Digital Extensions, SLT Extensions, DECT Wireless and VoIP extensions.

A fully integrated Nurse Call Solution enables staff to provide prompt and effective responses to patients’ calls at all times.

Nurse Call Alarm handling and call indication options range from simple and effective audio visual 'light and chime' systems, or modern non-intrusive alphanumeric color displays in corridors and staff stations.

Mobile DECT handsets with Alert Messaging keep nurses on call aware of patient needs at all times.

Sophisticated computerized central Monitor Screens at Main Nurse Stations display status of residents, call monitoring status for all beds on the Ward.

TransTel's President Joe Morris states "We are very excited to leverage our technology by integrating a proven and robust telephone system platform along with an extremely useful and complete nurse call system. This major development saves hospitals, health care providers and nursing home centers thousands of dollars while at the same time dramatically improves their ability to respond to patients needs on a real time basis."

TransTel seeks integrators that provide communication solutions to the health care sector of the market. TransTel also seeks national account clients.

Beneficiaries of this technology include but are not limited to:

Medical Centers
VA Hospitals
Rehabilitation Centers
Outpatient Clinics
Cancer Centers
Health Care Centers

To discuss opportunities in this growing market contact Joe Morris at TransTel Communications, Inc.

Telephone 561 747-4466 extension 111
email: joe@transtelcommunications.com

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March 14 2013 07:59 AM