Joe Morris has nearly 30 years experience in the telecommunications business. Over this 30 year period, Mr. Morris gained vast experience in the development, overall marketing, sales and support of various telecom products. He spent time in product development projects for companies like Samsung, Mitel, OKI and Nitsuko. Many of those products are still sold in the market today.

TransTel Communications was founded by Mr. Morris in 1992 to address the communications needs of the small to medium sized business market. Since the formation of the company TransTel telephone systems and and TMS Voice Processing Equipment has been successfully marketed in the United States, Latin America, Middle East and Pacific Rim.

Mr. Morris was most recently Director of Product Development and Marketing for MacroTel of Boca Raton Florida. Mr. Morris was responsible for the development of most of the product line that Macro-Tel offered in the U.S. marketplace. His background at MacroTel encompassed both the actual development of the product, the overall marketing of the product and dealer sales development in terms of channel distribution. Mr. Morris established the marketing, advertising and promotion plan. He took a vested interest in developing the dealer channel along with the sales staff.

Prior to his experience at MacroTel, Mr. Morris was the SX-2000 Product Manager for Mitel, Inc., formerly of Boca Raton, FL. In that capacity, Mr. Morris was responsible for developing the specifications for the operation of Mitel's largest PABX product, the SX-2000, with a capacity of up to 3000 telephones. Mr. Morris was also involved in dealer relations and provided an interface for many of Mitel's most prestigious national accounts such as Dana Corporation, HCA Hospitals, and Panhandle Eastern Pipelines.

Mr. Morris was instrumental in launching products like ACD, Digital Superset DN series, Hotel Lodging Package and a proprietary ISDN Networking Package.

His experience extends further back to OKI Electronics of America in the mid to late 1970's and their large telephone switching equipment business. As a field engineer for OKI, Joe traveled throughout North and South America as well as Europe as a senior troubleshooter for OKI's medium and large telephone switching systems.

Joe Morris is joined by Lloyd Hanson who is Director of Marketing and Product Development. Lloyd manages the day to day operations of the company in all aspects and has been a colleague of Mr. Morris for over 20 years. Linda Utley is Director of Sales and also is a long term associate of Mr. Morris with a history going back nearly 30 years.