Thank you for your interest in becoming a TransTel dealer. We look forward to being of service to you and would like to explain a little about what you can expect from us. First of all, be advised we are NOT in the business of just moving boxes. We are in the business of building relationships for the long term.

Within TransTel we have worked together as long as 30 years and we have dealer relationships that we have nurtured for up to 20 years. Relationships like this are based on trust and goodwill, repeated many times over.

Our business is based taking care of our customers and always providing our very best effort to make you successful. You will be treated with professional courtesy whenever you call TransTel and we will always do our best to satisfy your requirement.

We do not care what size your company is. Any dealer with a mindset of honest service and integrity towards the end user is welcomed here as a dealer. We know dealers move around quite a bit in the field and often times selling and servicing comes from the same resource. We realize time is money and when you have a question about how something works, you can call here and get an answer in real time, rarely requiring a call back. This saves you time and money. You may be driving from one site to another and remember that you needed a quote. We would be happy to configure a system and provide a price to you right over the phone.

We offer second to none technical support, usually answer the phone in real time. We have emergency on call technical support year round. Our products carry a 3 year warranty along with a 30 day out of box failure advance replacement policy.

If you are ready to be treated as you should be and want to take the next step, pick up the phone and give us a call at 561 747-4466 and press 2 for sales.

We look forward to being of service to you and earning your business.

Now read what other dealers have to say about TransTel:

Regarding the TransTel Lynx...

Joe, I have installed a couple of these systems now, the oldest system is well over a year old with no problems at all.

The second system has been in for a few months, and also has had no issues. It has the 3x8 expansion.

I just sold my 3rd system, and based on past experience I am not expecting any problems.

These systems are great for customers with low budgets. They all seem to be happy and NO COMPLAINTS. I always put a UPS on them just in case.

I would have no problem recommending them. Have your dealer call me if he has any questions.

In terms of bang for the buck they are great. Lots of features, Reliable, and quick install. That's what I like!

I'll need another system fairly soon. I'll call next week.

Bill, Bizcom Telecom

Regarding our support services..

Joe, I just want to express my sincere thanks to you and your staff for going the extra mile yesterday.

As you know we had a large hotel client who's property was struck by lightening and knocked out their system. They needed parts that we typically don't stock. It was late in the day and your shipments were already picked up for the day. You processed the order, packaged the parts and hand delivered the order to UPS depot for next day shipment to our location.

My client and I both want to thank you and TransTel for excellence in customer service. I know I couldn't have had our other two equipment vendors to do that.

Thank you again,

Russ Madsen, President, Anavon Technology Group

Regarding our software...

Joe,Love the web browser programming. The customer I'm installing on monday wants TDS-40 connected to their network, I didn't see a problem when I was reading the manual. Their IT person will be there on 20 & 21 to set up network so if we have any problems I be calling then.

Dennis Auch, D & F Telephone