Advanced Telephone Installs Salem Missouri School District VOIP Network

TransTel Communications, Inc. recognizes and congratulates Advanced Telephone LLC for the successful deployment of a TransTel TDS Series VOIP Network for the District Wide Salem Missouri R80 School System.

The Board of Education released an RFP in the Fall of 2011 and chose Advanced Telephone LLC as the vendor of choice in early January. The network was to be installed over the summer of 2012 and ready for the new school year in August.

The goals and objectives of the School Board were to replace aging systems, integrate communications into a privately managed network. Provide a common maintenance platform with new reliable hardware and administration that can be done for any school over the network.

The network is comprised of 5 TransTel TDS Series Systems, all connected together via fiber optic cable. The fiber at each location is terminated into Transition Networks fiber to lan transceivers and then into IP Trunk units in each TDS System in it’s respective location. The specific Transition Network models used for this school district were E100-BTX-FX4.

The High School serves as the main hub in the network. Incoming calls for ALL school locations arrive at the High School via Primary Rate Interface. These calls are identified and routed over the appropriate VOIP link to the respective school location. All school administration staff benefit from taking calls over the network from parents and making a direct transfer to a teacher’s mailbox while classes are in session. Teachers can easily retrieve their messages and return calls during breaks and after school hours.

Classroom paging with handsfree answer back in each room is also an added benefit for the school district.

Station to station dialing from any telephone on the network along with Caller ID is a real timer saver. The school district no longer has to access an outside line and go through an auto attendant or operator to call one another.

TransTel would like to thank Archie Hicks from Advanced Telephone and his staff for this great opportunity to implement this solution for the School District in his local community.

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