Universal Teleconnections installs VOIP private network for Doctor's Office

TransTel recognizes Universal Teleconnections located in Monticello, NY for completing a network of various systems and connecting them together using our SIP Trunking capability.

Harvey Findling and Mike Egan with Universal Teleconnections decided to upgrade and enhance communications capabilities for a Doctor's Office with offices in 4 different locations.

According to Mike Egan the Doctor's Practice benefits tremendously because as the doctors move from office to office on various days, they can have telephone calls transferred to them seamlessly. This eliminates having to take messages and rely on callbacks, which increases efficiency.

Also, all the staff including nurses and insurance claims personnel can easily call one another simply by dialing an extension number in their office. Being able to do this and bring the office communications capability into an integrated "One System" solution as opposed to using outside lines to call one another has tremendous value. Not only are we leaving our outside lines open for patients and business we are getting through to each other much quicker which saves us time and money.

Harvey Findling tells us the customer is really pleased with how the network increases the efficiency of office operations and believes this is one of the best practical applications for VOIP and will be looking to sell and install the same solutions for other clients in the Upstate New York area.

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