Vision Database Systems VOIP Solution

Vision Database Systems deploys TransTel VOIP solution to improve communications coverage internally and with customers.

Vision Database Systems is a leading developer of identification card and tracking systems. Their solutions are sold through integrators with products deployed in schools, universities, businesses, special events and more. In fact, their tracking solution was used for security screening at the most recent Academy Awards in Hollywood.

Vision Database has been a user of the TransTel TDS 600 Series telephone system for better than 6 years. The company has remote tele-workers who perform their job function off premise from the main office.

The need and requirement was to integrate these employees seamlessly into a single system using the TransTel TDS and it’s VOIP technology. Emil Bonaduce, Vision Database’s President & Founder stated, “We wanted to become more integrated as a company. To bring our employees closer together by pressing a single key on our TransTel digital telephone sets and communicate inter office with anyone in the company. It does not matter if they are down the hall or across the country. Also our support coverage is enhanced when we can transfer calls across time zones. We no longer have to stop, take a message, make a long distance call to ask someone to call a certain customer. The TransTel VOIP solution solves this problem. No more having to take messages for remote staff because they have their own mailbox and can be dialed directly from our auto attendant. This is a big productivity gain for us and provides better service for our customers.

To accomplish this, the system at Vision Database was upgraded to accommodate the new hardware and software.

Mike White, Vision Database’s Manager of Technical Projects, “ We were really impressed that our existing system which is a good 6 years old could be upgraded to accommodate this new technology without having to replace the entire system, which would have been cost prohibitive. The upgrade went smoothly, the technology overlays onto our existing network structure and we are pleased with the result. The audio quality on calls is outstanding and the bandwidth demand on our network is minimal.”

In the first phase of deployment, G2-ISU (IP Station Unit) interface cards were placed in the system and TransTel’s new IP-3861 Station Sets were installed at the remote locations.

The IP-3861 telephone sets at the remote locations are similar to the DK6-36 button sets that are in the main office. The keys can be programmed to suit the user including intercom buttons, speed dial, outside lines. Remote station users can also have voice mailboxes located
back at the main office. Message waiting lights and retrieval are provided. Outside calls can easily be transferred to remote locations just as if they were located in the office.

Emil Bonaduce also states; “Our staff does quite a bit of travel attending trade shows and visiting customers and it would be nice to utilize a softphone client either on a laptop or a PDA/Smart phone. TransTel has provided us with a solution for our laptops when we travel and also a VOIP client solution for WiFi based connectivity and we are eager to use this to stay in touch with the home office without using cell phone minutes. We are pleased with the entire solution as it saves us costs and provides productivity gains at the same time.

Emil further states, “Eventually we will also explore switching over our outside lines to VOIP SIP based trunking in order to help reduce operating costs. We are pleased to realize the TransTel TDS Series will facilitate this phase of transformation as well when we are ready.”

About Vision Database Systems:
Vision Database Systems develops software products for ID carding and ID tracking. VDS is a leader in the ID card and tracking systems field. After success with its ID Card Software, RapIDcard in the 1990’s VDS went on to develop PC Based and Handheld ID tracking programs for schools, universities, businesses, events and more.

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