Holiday Inn Express Moses Lake Washington

TransTel dealer Connect Telecom installed a TDS-600 Lodging System for a new Holiday Inn Express in Moses Lake Washington.

The system is fully integrated with a Micros Opera Property Management System.

TransTel's President Joe Morris states;"This combined solution really provides a tremendous level of guest services to the hotel. The TDS system seamlessly integrates with front desk operations. The reservations module sends guest information to the telephone system like names so that personalized answering is offered when guests call for services. Hotel staff can invoke message waiting, do not disturb, automatic wakeup calls from their PC's at the front desk. Telephone calls are automatically charged and posted to guest folios and maid service can change the status of rooms from the room telephone. From the room phones guests have a simple automated menu to operate hotel features and check voice mail. The installation went incredibly smooth and we are pleased with the results."

Bob Pusey, owner of Connect Telecom in Washington states the system has been working well for the customer since installation and that they will install another just like it in the very near future.

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