For over 15 years, TransTel Communications has provided communication solutions for small to medium sized businesses, hotels and lodges throughout North America and the rest of the world.

TransTel Communications, Incorporated is a privately held corporation with offices and facilities located at 1562 Park Lane South, Suite 400, Jupiter, Florida 33458. The headquarters for TransTel are located in the Jupiter (Florida) Park of Commerce.

Incorporated in 1992, TransTel Communications designs, manufactures and distributes Digital Telephone Systems, Automated Attendant and Voice Processing Systems along with other related peripheral devices for the communications industry. In the early 1990's TransTel introduced a fully Hybrid Analog Electronic Key Telephone System, the Superkey Series which enjoyed global success for it's universal accommodation of a variety of telephone sets and rugged durability along with a user friendly interface for feature access.

Today, the company has transposed its portfolio into a fully Digital Product Family employing the latest technology available. We are integrating VOIP technology into our proven platforms and opening our system to accommodate Computer Telephony Integration applications to further provide value added solutions for our dealers and end user customers. TransTel has designed its own integrated circuits and has adopted a small foot print in order to maintain a competitive manufacturing process allowing prices to remain affordable customers. Our core target market remains the small to medium sized business, hotels and lodges as well as the growing segment of the small office / home office (SOHO). The new Digital Series along with our Voice Processing Systems offer this segment of the market feature rich and seamless integration of feature functionality at a competitive price point along with a strong warranty and support backup program.

TransTel engages in International Commerce by exporting products and services to foreign countries. It also seeks strategic alliances and joint venture relationships in certain countries in order to achieve maximum success in that particular region of the world. TransTel products are distributed by hundreds of dealers and used by thousands of customers each and every day. Among our customers are well known companies and government agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration, Century 21, Remax, and Ace Hardware to name a few. Other applications known to us are in Law Firms, Doctor's Offices, Hair Salons, Hotel/Motels, and many private residences. Our systems are deployed in defense and military installations by various countries throughout the world.

TransTel Communications, Inc. was founded in February of 1992 and has successfully sold and marketed communications products and services to its dealers throughout the world. The management team at TransTel, led by Joe Morris, the company's founder and President have a minimum of 20 years experience in the industry and have held key positions in their respective careers with major companies.

Our Vision and Core Values

  • To excel and lead in communication market
  • To produce communication products competitive in price, superior in quality and fully featured
  • To practice and uphold the highest in ethical standards at all times
  • To treat our dealers and customers as true business partners
  • To create a value system in our relationships through integrity and sincere support
  • To create a multi - national corporation with a diverse workforce
  • To allow employees the opportunity to exchange ideas, work cultures and experiences
  • To create a work environment where employees are viewed as the most valuable asset of the corporation

Designed with robust architecture, convenience, flexibility and price in mind, TransTel has committed to providing market leading features for the 21st century. TransTel's new line of Digital Telephone and Voice Mail Systems brings features previously found only in much larger systems to the small business user. We've done it at a price that makes sense in these economic times.

Our products are time tested, competitive and fairly priced in the market. Our service and support to our dealers and any user of our equipment is second to none.

Please feel free to contact us to let us know how we can be of assistance to you!